Paintings & Commissioned Portraits by Raymond Reid

Symbolism of birds -- rich, colorful, sometimes fiery -- goes back to the beginning of time. Likewise, people from the world over and people from most religious groups believe in divine messengers from their paradise. These representatives are emissaries from the afterlife on earth.

The cardinal has long been considered the bird chosen to traverse the human world providing comfort from loved ones who have died. People of many faiths see the cardinal as the incarnation of dead peoples' souls on their way to the realm of the Gods.

It's appropriate to develop art that encapsulates the symbolism of the two. The angel is its simplistic form against the fiery cardinal, noted for its year-round presence in practically all areas of our country.

"The Cardinals are beautiful, but the spirits are sensational"
"Love, love, love these."
"Just beautiful...and inspirational."
"Perfect combination. Beauty and Heart."
"Cardinals & Angels are a gift from God. I love this so much! Just beautiful."
"Raymond is so good at creating lasting memories."

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These beautiful prints are available in a limited edition Set of Four prints. Each is 11" x 14" overall. Each is signed by Raymond Reid and numbered in a Limited Edition of 777. The prints are ready for framing. They will enhance any decor and will be an inspiration for All Seasons for years to come. Order prints today for only $135.00, tax included. Shipping and handling $8.00. Just click the "BUY NOW" button to purchase.
The four prints represent the four seasons of the year -- spring, summer, autumn, and winter. They are available signed and ready for framing as a group of four.

  1. The flames of the Cardinal's feathers balanced against the petals of the Dogwood blossoms provides a fitting foreground for the angel as she gently drifts skyward.
  2. The Cardinal sits perched royally on a single branch not yet adorned by leaves of summer viewing splendor of summer foliage as the Angel wafts heavenward into an opaque sky.
  3. Fall foliage highlights this print, with the majestic Cardinal sitting adjacent to the Angel, wings spread and ready for flight.
  4. Even the winter snow does not cause the majestic bird to vacate its territory. The Cardinal is both residential and faithful. It chooses a spouse and stays with her until one of the birds dies.

Cardinals Appear When Angels Are Near ~~ Victoria McGovern